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3 Ways to Soften a Leather Belt

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Swab the belt canada goose outlet new york city with rubbing canada goose outlet online uk alcohol. Canada Goose Parka Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a goose outlet canada cotton ball for an easy applicator. Then, wipe the leather canada goose factory outlet surface thoroughly with the rubbing alcohol. This should clean the leather and open up the pores of the material. Make sure that the alcohol is deeply soaked into the leather. You may need to apply many coats.[2]

You can buy isopropyl rubbing alcohol at most drugstores and grocery stores. You may already have some in your cabinet!

If you don’t have a cotton ball, use a towel, a tissue, or a clean piece of cotton. You can also use your fingers. canada goose outlet black friday Be careful, though: rubbing alcohol can dry out your skin with prolonged canada goose outlet reviews contact.

Choose your oil. Coconut oil (the organic kind that you’d use for cooking) canada goose outlet is a great easy to find softening agent. Try avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil. Use any natural oil that you would put onto yourself as a skin softener. Leather is the dried canada goose outlet sale and treated skin of a cow so it canada goose outlet essentially made from the same stuff as your own skin.

Natural oils have the added benefit of smelling pleasant. Rubbing alcohol and Vaseline will do a great job of softening up your canada goose black friday sale belt, but canada goose clearance sale you might be off put by the decidedly chemical scent. canada goose outlet in usa Pick an oil that you like to smell.

Avoid using chemically hydrogenated oils namely, most commercial corn oils and vegetable oils.

Buy a dedicated leather conditioner. You can usually buy these products (usually labeled as “leather therapy,” “restorer,” or “conditioner”) at stores that sell saddles and bridles Canada Goose Coats On Sale for horses. You may also use leather treatment products that are designed to soften, clean, and polish leather canada goose outlet nyc cheap canada goose uk shoes.[5]

Many of these ointments will actually strengthen leather. They were designed for use on saddles and bridles, and you can trust them as a lasting solution.

Be aware that leather treatment products are usually more expensive than natural oils, Vaseline, and rubbing alcohol. Pick up one of these ointments if you have money to spend on pampering your belt.[6]

To soften a leather uk canada goose outlet belt, start by applying isopropyl alcohol onto the belt until it’s deeply soaked into the leather. Next, spread petroleum jelly onto the belt until it covers the entire surface, and let it absorb into the leather. Then, wipe the jelly away canada goose uk black friday with a clean rag and let the belt dry before wearing it. Alternatively, you can lay the belt out in the sun for 10 minutes to open the pores of the leather, then apply layers of coconut oil on the surface using your fingers. However, be aware that this technique may slightly darken the color of the belt.

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