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Nonetheless, it could be far better to see the telegram in its entirety to kind an view: The Armenian conce pertaining to the Easte Provinces has been fixed.

Consequently, there is no need to harm the reputation of our country and goveing administration by conducting unnecessary cruelties. Significantly the current attack carried out on the Armenians at a location close to Ankara has brought on excellent regret of the Ministry, contemplating its way of transpiring, the apparent incompetence of the officers billed with supervising the transfer of Armenians, and audacity on portion of the gendarmes and the community people who acted on their bestial instincts to rape and rob the Armenians. The transfer of Armenians, which is ideal to be carried out in an orderly and prudent fashion, really should henceforth in no way be left to the people possessing fanatical feelings of enmity, and that the Wanting a premium quality crafting services professional dissertation writers will provide you with the most suitable creating service Armenians, irrespective of whether or not they are subject matter to relocation, will be unquestionably protected versus any assault and assault.

At the locations in which these a defense could not be supplied, the transfer of Armenians should be postponed. From now on, all of the officials in demand shall be held liable with respect to their ranks for any attack, which may perhaps happen and shall be introduced before the armed service courts. It is required to give very rigid orders to the applicable staff in this regard.

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51 Whether this is a telegram “demonstrating that the insurance policies adopted in opposition to the Armenians were being aiming at their annihilation” and, for that subject, no matter if it will place an conclusion to “some needless debates surrounding this subject” are inquiries still left to the judgment of the reader. On Talat Pasha’s Telegram of July 22, 1915 In a area of his reserve working with the relocation and massacres in Diyarbakir province, AkГ§am argues that, in a telegram to the provincial goveor Dr. ReЕџit, Interior Minister Talat Pasha said that the coverage of extermination should really be used only to the Armenians: Ten days later, on 22 July 1915, Talat addressed a 2nd telegram to Dr. ReЕџit, which had been marked “solution, to be decoded personally,” and stated in fairly frank conditions that the plan of extermination should really be carried out only towards the Armenians and that it should not be prolonged to the other Christians: “Regardless of recurring recommendations, the remedy accorded to the Armenians and indiscriminately from the Christians inside the province has been frequently the topic of complaints. It is comprehended that this scenario affects the neighboring provinces as very well.

The persistence of this situation, which will set the Govt in a difficult situation in the future. … is definitely not permissible” (p.

52 However, neither in the texts quoted by AkГ§am nor in the total textual content of the telegram is there any indicator supporting AkГ§am’s assertion that the telegram requested “a coverage of extermination” to be carried out against the Armenians. A lot more crucial, the subsequent sections of the telegram consist of guidelines that would look to contradict AkГ§am’s situation: It has been documented by the prefecture of Nusaybin that due to the fact the roads are blocked, no travelers and modest team of soldiers should really be dispatched until more observe.

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Company overview of unilever

Unilever is one of the fast moving consumer goods (FMNG) on the globe. They offer a wide range of products in food, drinks, personal care products and much more. The success account of Unilever can be seen in the total annual turnover in the year 2009 which is €39.8billion world-wide and employs 163,000 employees around the world.

Company situation

Mission Statement:

Unilever main goal is to include value to the life span of people. They want to get in touch with the buyers by satisfying their everyday needs. By providing the needs for diet, hygiene, and personal health care they are able to help the persons to feel refresh, look good and get the most out of their life. Moving on, they want to develop a new method of making business with priority towards expanding twice the size of enterprise while reducing environmental effects.

Below can be a graph of Unilever’s twelve-monthly turnover:

Source: ( )

Financial Summary:

Source : (…/introductiontounilever/annual-reports/ )

This graph clearly shows Unilever progress throughout the past years. Underlying sales growth (USG) may be the percentage of upsurge in turnover, modify for the impression of acquisitions, disposal and exchange amount fluctuations. In the year 2009, the USG expansion is 3.5% compared to 7.4% in 2008. Underlying volume growth (UVG) is sales after the effects of (USG), which is usually 2.3% in ’09 2009 that shows sustainable development strategy is working because Unilever have the ability to save in the expense of expenditure.. Working margin for 2009 is 12.6% in comparison to 2008 is 17.7%, which has save the company from net impact profit of disposal, restructuring and additional on-off items.

Source: (…/introductiontounilever/annual-reports/)

This graph above shows the financial overview of Unilever in various region such as for example Asia, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe ( AAC) , America, and in addition Western Europe.

Asia, Africa, and Central& Eastern Europe (AAC)

In the (AAC) countries, the turnover current rate experience a growth of 2.9% after including the effects of acquisitions, disposals and exchange charge as demonstrated in the graph in this article. The operating earnings at current level has increase by 13.3% in the year 2009. Despite the fact that market circumstances are volatile and tough in some region, Unilever in (AAC) countries manage to produce a remarkable underlying sales growth of 7.7%.

The Americans

Unilever in the America has got suffered a 2.6% decrease in the turnover development at current rates after the including the ramifications of acquisitions, disposal, and exchange level. The Operating profit at current prices for the entire year 2009 has experience key lose of 37.4%

Western Europe

Unilever in the Western Europe has suffered losses up to 6% in the year 2009, after like the effects of acquisition, disposal and exchange amount as proven in the graph above. The Operating profit in 2009 2009 experience the most losses at current rate as high as 50.4% in Western European countries. The factor that causes such large losses are as a result of the shortage confidence in the customers towards the manufacturer in the Western Europe, and there were a rise in unemployment rate due to the challenging economy in many countries.

Market Share

Source: (

Above shows the market show of Unilever Bestfoods NA dominating the market with 26.3%. Lipton tea as Unilever’s foodstuff segment manufacturer has dominated the marketplace because of their market strategy such as for example "Tea Can Do That" campaign to create recognition and Lipton tea has got promises advancement tea flavors and at the same time providing a wholesome lifestyle drinks for customer .

Source 🙁

Chart above shows the market share of Unilever from 1994 to 2008, Unilever offers been working internationally and generate twelve-monthly revenue of €40billion and the successful of the company has create a relatively stable share cost that does not have a major downfall even though tough competitive market in the Europe marketplace with competitor like Procter & Gamble ( P&G ) . Unilever in addition has performed much better then simply what the dismal FTSE 100 index predicted over this decades.

Market Situation

PESTLE implications

Political Environment

Unilever being a fast paced consumer goods (FMNG) organization in the world will not support any political parties whose activities is to promote the party interest, the reason being they believe that the business they operate in must be behave with honesty , integrity and openness. However, the political trends still affects Unilever in britain.

In early February 2010, Unilever has been burden by the rise of taxation by the UK government. Initially, the business is already facing economical instability because consumer are unwillingly to invest additional money. Paul Polman, the chief executive said that the daily mail, "If in addition we would get yet another regulatory or taxes environment that could make us non-competitive that would be unfortunate for the UK." Mr Polman is concerned with the rise of taxation , Unilever has to pay even more into for expenditure price for exploration laboratories, manufacturing facilities and more.

Source : (

The graph above displays from 12 months 2000 until 2004, Unilever has been much less on expenditure such as manufacturing facilities, and research and development sector. As of year 2004 onwards the cost has been increasing yearly until 1,700 (million) and with the new increase of taxation in UK , Unilever must spend more on expenditure expense in the entire year to come.

With the increase of expenditure cost and in downfall of net profit created by Unilever , this will affect the momentum of revenue generated for the business in UK , which will cost the functionality of improvement in Unilever that is a slow growth on the market business. For this reason Mr Polman can be involved with the increment of corporation tax. He as well added that , "We must be sure when alterations are contemplated [by the Government] that it requires into account what other countries do as well in Europe, or outside of Europe, to provide competitive corporate tax costs."

Economic environment

In the financial environment, Unilever generates prosperity by adding value to recycleables, and manufacturing their merchandise for the buyers. The parties that happen to be involve in the monetary environment is their workers, government, investors, and much more communities that advantages from the activities of the company.

Source : (…/sd_UnileverSDReport170310_amended_tcm13-212972.pdf)

This graph shows the parties that take advantage of the activities that will be ventured by Unilever in UK. Regardless of the economic instability that happens in decades, Unilever is still in a position to generate an operating revenue of €5,020 and sales of € 39,823 million in ’09 2009. This graph displays us that the employees gain the biggest share of the company which is €5.2billion, whereas the least show is earn by the local communities which is €89million. The company of capital obtains the next highest share which is certainly €2.5billion and the governments gain €959million from the business in the form of corporation tax that’s issued by the government.

Sociological Environment

Making a notable difference in society is among Unilever’s biggest purpose because they want to deliver the best also to surrender to the society that has been supporting the victory of Unilever. Unilever will come to be focusing to provide nutrition info to the knowledge of consumers and also improving nutrition top quality of their products.

In order to increase the nutritional quality of the product and maintaining the taste, It’s estimated that reduced amount of salt intake by 1g can decrease the chances of strokes by 5% and coronary attack by 3 % reducing salt by only a small amount 1 g. The Diet Enhancement Programme has think of a strategy referred to as salt reduction strategy; in this plan it states that "in 2009 2009 we set product benchmarks to accomplish a dietary intake of 6 g of salt per day by the end of 2010, with the ambition to lessen further to5 g each day by the finish of 2015”

Unilever has also extended their impact by working with World Food Programme (WFP) where they support developing countries and bettering the health and nutrition of product. In order to reach out to the persons , Unilever in UK possesses donated €500,00 through global partnership and with (WFP). In addition they encourage people to donate through site to the Haiti’s earthquake disaster relieve cost. Unilever also experienced donated soap and Puriet ( water purifier that does not need pressured water and or electricity.

Technology Environment

In the technology sector, Unilever has been spending in the area of e-business to improve brands communication and market through internet, and in addition making transaction

straightforward along chain. Unilever Technology has got work together with Unilever R& D group to be able to meet consumers’ needs. In the year 2003, Unilever introduce the brand new "pallet live storage program" from Bitto Storage Program Ltd. The objective of this technology is definitely to store frozen goods.

Plans are being made to boost IT infrastructure in Unilever. For instance, increment in the energy-efficiency of data centers and applying ability management strategies. Tele occurrence video conferencing can be applied in order to reduce the impact of business going. Telepresence has been produced in 13 countries and intend to add another 39 countries this year 2010. This technology possess helped us to lessen our emission by 4,230 tonnes and conserve to €12 million in travel cost for the entire year 2010 .

Environmental Environment

Unilever is taking the responsibility in reducing the full total environmental impact; the primary problem is actually to lessen greenhouse gases from the manufacturer of their goods. Unilever has been doing a wonderful job in reducing the creation of C02 to the environment. They have attained a 41% reduced amount of CO2 emission per tonned development since 1995. Their definitive goal today is to lessen CO2 production in their manufacturing procedure by 25% in the year end 2012.

Source: (

In this graph we are able to see that, in the year 2009 they have the ability to reduce their CO2 production by 3% per tonne of production in comparison to 2008. From year 2000 to 2009 we can see that Unilever can reduce the production of Co2 constantly. The factor because of this success is as a result of the good manufacturing practice that they adopt in the factories. Even so, they must bear a great expense in venturing into technology that may further reduce the emission of CO2.

Source : (

Unilever also make approach into saving water intake, they have been regularly reducing water employ in manufacturing. Quantity of water utilization per tonne of production has been reducing by 65% because the year 1995. Out of this graph we are able to study that the goal of reducing water usage can be in the correct path. Each year since 2000 until 2009 the usage of water decreases per tonne of production. In the year 2009, as express in the graph water consumption was reduce by 5.6 % per tonne of creation compared to the earlier year in 2008, that is a decrease in 8.1% in to be precise .

Legislation environment

Unilever is shielded by European Commission to ensure that there is no infringement towards the brand and product of Unilever. Unilever’s business is also govern by regulations and regulation to make certain that products are safely and securely used by consumers and also that advertising and labeling aren’t misleading available world.

Unilever also has Environment Policy to check out so that you can ensure safeness of their products and decrease environmental footprint of their manufacturer. Evaluation should be made at every stage, from producing the raw materials to create goods to dispose use by the buyer as the end user. Environmental management systems ought to be develops and improve so as to improve the performance of environmental security and sustainability programmes.

Encourage suppliers to develop and improve substances and making of Unilever products. Marriage with industry bodies, government agencies, and business companions should be strong to market environmental care and develop the knowledge and disseminate ideal practice.

Competitor’s situation and SWOT analysis

Although Unilever is an easy moving consumer products (FMNG) on the globe, their standing in the world can be influenced by competitor around them. Nestle can be among the world’s greatest food manufacturer, that is based In 200 countries global and mind quartered in Vevey, Switzerland. Their operating actions include food, beverages, family pet care and in addition pharmaceuticals. They have 253,000 employees all over the world.


Recognition as a worldwide company

Strong brand portfolio

Strong relationship with retailer

Economic of scales


Dual leadership

Inefficient management of brands

Reduced shelling out for R & D

Inability to maximize acquisition


Changing of costumers taste

The high demand of healthy products

Responding toward global activities


Strong competition- reduction in revenue

New development of unique brands

Exchange rate


SWOT Analysis of Unilever


Global product sales have topped $ 101billion

Ranked as world’s major bottle water company

Major brands regularly supported by consumer


Growth in organic and natural food was flat

Breakfast cereal was say to have posses artificial health benefits

General Mills is a major brand but slow in innovation and health base products


Introduce more health-based products

Opened Nestle CafГ©’s to feature Nestle Products

Provide peanut free of charge and gluten free products


Raw ingredient value of chocolate has rise

Major Competitor in chocolate such as for example Hershey’s, Starbucks and many more

Contamination of food supply

SWOT Analysis of NestlГ©

Comparison of Unilever and Nestle SWOT analysis


Unilever is recognizing world-wide because of the accomplishment of their goods and is base in lots of various other countries. It has a fantastic management of portfolio, which includes many leading global wants with powerful category ranking such as Lipton tea. This manufacturer has the marketing expertise to capitalize worldwide including regenerating 44% product sales from the increment in D & E markets. Nestle has the attention of consumer as they have target environmental issues by rating as the greatest bottle company in the world, and Nestle is easily accessible because they’re operating in more than 100 countries.


Reports of exchanging current CEO features raise uncertainty factor as his position in Unilever is very successful. Unilever includes a wide management folio which include their top 25 brands. There is a lack of management strategy. Some client brands might have stronger management compared to others so that you can compete with competitors. Nestle’s breakfast cereal product has been branded as fake claim in providing health benefits by American Medical Association. This will definitely cost Nestle an enormous loss available in the market share and also expenditure in rebranding the brand. It has give Unilever the opportunity to target consumer with health benefits products within their food and drinks collection which is normally Lipton tea.


Unilever can enhance the need for top quality food, with an increase of nutritious ingredients or organic meal services. Individuals are concern about ingredients knowledge. Products must be different in packaging, case in point labeling on nutrition points on product offer. For global actions, Unilever has work in partnership with World Meals Programmes (WFP) with support in the production of medical and nutrition of kids in developing countries. In 2009 2009, 17 million meals were provided for kids of 80,000 and in Kenya, Indonesia, and Colombia at least 50,000 schools were getting involved in Health and Nutrition Advertising campaign. Nestle has come up with new strategies to be able to target health benefit goods such as opening Nestle Cafes that offers their products actively in every countries and also provide them with the chance to promote new products.


World monetary instability may affect producing countries and continue steadily to spread in the R & E market segments. Rivals (FMNG) may climb to capture the marketplace share from Unilever development areas, as they also concentrate on the same marketplace as Unilever. Brands like P & G and Nestle are as well coming with new makes that are cheap and still keep up with the quality of products.

Weather such as for example drought is also a risk to Unilever’s Lipton tea brand as they might neglect to produce the targeted tea amount and good quality tea. As for Nestle as they are contact with chocolate brands such as Hershey’s and Cadbury that may come up with more innovative chocolate products. Food contamination is also a threat to Nestle as they are afraid it could damage their photograph as a worldwide food producer. Natural chocolate ingredients have increase in price and might cost Nestle to invest more on expenditure price.

Objectives and assumptions

Societal objectives


Guide consumer to reduce salt intake by 6g per day

Change the hygiene patterns of people through Lifebuoy and its partner programmes

Display percentage Guideline Daily Quantity (GDA) for major nutrient on the package of products


Food portfolio has reach benchmark of 76% reduced amount of salt in products

Lifebuoy programmes such as for example has get in touch with 23 countries through Global Washing Hand Programmes

Food products that are produced with key nutrition on packaging


World Overall health Organisation has recommended 5g intake of salt each day which will guide consumer to follow them in the path of healthy life

Hygiene education provides been rolled -out towards countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam

All food products will reduce in percentage of salt, and saturated fat but retain the taste of the products


World Well being Organisation recommended to lessen consumption of salt has help Unilever to steer consumer to

reduce salt absorption by minimizing the salt focus in products

Millions of people has got been reach in 23 countries to increase awareness on hygiene

Nutrition information helps client to comprehend how healthy may be the product


In the year 2010, 5g of salt intake provides how to write an autobiography essay been reduce. By 2015, 6 g of salt usage will be achieved

Change the hygiene patterns of 1 1 billion persons by the entire year 2015

Environmental Objectives


Reduce environmental affect while doubling size of business

All tea for Lipton tea product are from qualified sustainable resources

All palm oil obtain from accredited sustainable resources

Reduce CO2 from strength in manufacturing products


Assessed greenhouse gas, normal water, and waste impact of 1500 products

Around 80% of Lipton Tea Label are from certified farms

185,000 tonnes of palm essential oil are purchase via certified farms

Reduce the production of Co2 energy in developing sector of products


Tea that can be purchased in Western Europe originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

Total purchase of 15% palm oil will be from Green Palm Certified farms

Achieve 41% decrease in Co2 strength from manufacturing products


65% and 73% reduction in water and total wastage

Rainforest Alliance qualified farm and Green Palm farms happen to be main way to obtain tea and palm essential oil for Lipton tea products

Manufacturing sector strategy are able to reduce 44% of Co2 since 1995


By the year 2015, all tea that are sold is certified sustainable sources

By the year 2015, all palm essential oil that are sold can be from certified sustainable sources

By the entire year 2015, normal water, greenhouse gas, and waste material impact is reduce by another 25%

Co2 strength reduce by 25%in manufacturing products by the year 2015

Financial Objectives


Increase sourcing from smallholder to ensure security supply

Reached 49% of sales in developing countries

Unilever top line growth in sales by 5%

Brand reduction from 1600 to 400 products


Tea and Palm essential oil are obtain from authorized farms

12 brands with sales of 1billion profit

Brand extension such as for example Knorr to increase profit sales


Product production in little portion in order that low income earners can buy it


Increase consumption of goods by consumers at all salary level in developing product


By the year 2012, there is an increase of 5 to 6 % in profit


In order to get ready this marketing method, a few assumption to be produced for Unilever in the future.

Contamination of substances in product

Unilever calls for precaution in producing new products, if the protection of certain ingredients or product that is not sure, Unilever will not put it searching for sale. This assure client that all products manufactured by Unilever are safe to use.

Improve technology for better quality of products

Technology advancement has help out with finding new materials for products and protection precaution measures are taken up to improve the latest discovery. Unilever will carefully exercise substitution method with the merchandise that is already in the market as a advancement of product quality. Dangerous product that defects item qualities and benefits will be disposed.


Personal look after future sales progress and profitability

Unilever has identified the main element to achieve sustainable profitable expansion through its personal health care business segment since it generate the fastest-growing business in comparison to other sector such as for example food and beverages. Personal care business refers to the merchandise that are self managed, such as hair shampoo and skin care products. This is for the reason that demand for the products available in the market has been increasing, in addition to the existing sales from this segment is satisfying. Nevertheless, Unilever’s ideal rival Procter & Gamble (P&G) for quite some time have been more impressive and innovative in introducing services. In the last year in the non-public care sale increase only by 1.4% to €11.30billion while total turnover rose by 1.4% to €40.2 billion. To ensure that creating future sales growth, Unilever will focus extra personal attention segment for future sales growth and sustaining profit from increasing raw material cost. Graph below displays the earnings increment in Unilever’s items line, including personal care segments.

External Pressure and Organisational Restructuring

High cost of raw material, adverse exchange prices and macroeconomic worries such as for example politic and regulation of countries might influence the overall performance of Unilever. So as to secure generation of income and sustaining raw material cost Unilever has come up with few strategies. Unilever has to reduce 20,000 careers across its development division and incorporate its Personal Treatment and food sector into one category to lessen cost which will be sent to consumer. Unilever has come up with "Way to Growth" strategy that guarantees improvement in its performances. This strategy will help the organisation to restructure its two global divisions, Home & Personal Treatment and Food into one division. This would effectively lower production costs that will be implied into selling price of the merchandise and influence consumer’s consumption from price aspect. Price is an essential matter to consumers because of economy fluctuation that will affect lower spending ability.

Unilever Marketing Mix

Here we will go over the marketing mix technique of Unilever for the reason that might enhance their sale. Unilever has wide selection of brand such as for example Home & Personal Maintenance systems to food and beverages like Knorr and Lipton tea. We will nowadays do the marketing mixture of Sun silk because Unilever’s most profitable type of product is personal care products. So below is the marketing mix of Sun silk from Unilever

Marketing mix



Sunsilk is one of Unilever’s famous brands under personal care merchandise. It targets mainly woman by portraying the 21st century woman that’s confident, charismatic, and get going attitude that doesn’t await what to happen but achieve their goals by sheer hard work. Although the main target is woman but Sunsilk is used by many persons of difference course and age group. In order to meet the requirements of their customer, Sunsilk has developed various kinds of hair shampoo and conditioner that go well with the different kind of hair type. Sunsilk has have the ability to gain loyalty of consumers as a result of their undying effort in producing more progressive items and maintaining its quality through comprehensive chemical testing until it is truly safe.


In buy for Sunsilk to get the quantity 1st choice for its consumer, they must distribute their products to all or any the people no matter where they are. Sunsilk provides targeted shops, malls, super industry and any other shops as long they are often access for consumers. The high client demand has shown that simple availability factor is important to reach out to the consumers.


As the market leader in personal maintenance systems, Sunsilk is freely to set the market price. So as to satisfy the main goal of Unilever which can be maximise profit , increase the sales and also upsurge in market share the price of product is an important factors that affect all this. The study department determines the price of the products while taking bill the affordability of buyers of different money level. Unilever’s primary competition which can be Procter & Gamble’s Pantene product has also come up with impressive products to gain the marketplace share of Sunsilk. Thankfully, Sunsilk has the advantage to set the cost of product by being the market leader in personal care products. Sunsilk has also take inflation into account, by maintaining constant profit margins.


Advertising and marketing strategy are the main tools for Sunsilk to push up their revenue and awareness of their products. In order to promote their brands , Sunsilk has got distributed flyers and no cost sachets at malls, retail outlets and in addition door to door campaigning. Hair authorities are also send to schools to check the hair type of individuals in a single region and how can they improvise their products for such consumers. Free of charge gift hampers and free washes are also directed at people to maintain the goodwill and keep maintaining the momentum of company loyalty. Sunsilk has also increase the awareness of individuals utilizing the growing trend of online advertising and communication network of people. Internet access has act as an online materials to make sure that people does not escape the interest of Sunsilk. Television is another major conversation access for buyer to keep the brand fresh in your brain of consumers and to attract new customers and breed interest in the utilization of Sunsilk products.

Forecast sales budget


2009 (€)million









Cost of Sales















Operating Profit















Operating Expenses

























The increase in profit and operating income has proven the sales earnings of product sales from Unilever’s top manufacturer. The increment in operating expenses has shown that promotion approach has been to use to remain competitive available in the market that Unilever venture into.

Comparing Financial Ratio Evaluation Between Two Companies Financing Essay

Comparing Financial Ratio Analysis Between Two Companies Financing Essay

A financial statement or the financial record is known as an official record of the economic activities of a person, a business, or any different entity. In the British English also including the United Kingdom company rule; a financial record is generally mentioned as a merchant account, even though the word “financial record” can be mostly used, usually by the accountants. In a business enterprise, all the related financial evidence, presented in a organized method and in an application that is really simple to copy and figure out by others, are called the economic declarations. They normally incorporate four basic financial declarations, escorted by a supervision analysis and discussion.

Statement of dollars flows: reports that shows the cash flow activities of a provider, normally its operation, funding and investing activities.

Balance sheet: that is likewise referred as the assertion of financial condition or posture, reports that show the business’s assets, ownership collateral, and the liabilities at a given period of time.

Statement of retained income: this explains the alterations in the retained earnings of a organization over its reporting period.

Income statement: this is referred to as a Loss and Profit statement, income reports of a company, income, and expenses over some time frame. Loss and Profit consideration will get information on the process of the enterprise. These include the various expenses and the sales that acquired through the dispensation state.

For the large organizations, these statements are often difficult and may add a wide-ranging group of notes to the fiscal statements and analysis and management dialogue. The notes are generally describing each item on the cash flow statement, harmony sheet, and income statement in more detail. All notes to financial declarations are considered an integral part of the financial declarations.

Two companies will be compared and contrasted. This will display the difference of everything between both these businesses. It shows the different income ane different income earned by these companies. It also demonstrates even different corporations have a lot of things that do not come in common.




Liquidity Ratios

Networking Capital=

Current Assets –

Current Liabilities

= 358618 – 113715

= 244903

= 51929026 – 1517900

= 50411126

Current Ratio=

_Current Assets__

Current Liabilities

358618 / 113715 =


= 51929026 / 1517900

= 34.21

Quick Ratio =

Current Resources – (Inventory+Prepaid Expense)

Current Liabilities

= 358618 – ( 72 + 35220 )


= 358618 7 grade books – ( 35292 )


= ( 323326 )


= 2.843

= 51929026 –

( 19423010 + 175601 )


= 51929026 – ( 21179021 )


= 3721752.23

Assets Utilization Ratios

Accounts Receivable Turnover

( Net Credit Revenue +

Average Accounts Receivable)

= 256536 .

[ 64657 + (24970 / 2) ]

= 256536 .

( 64657 + 12485 )

= 256536


= 3.32

N / A

Average Collection Period =

Accounts Receivable

Daily Credit Sales

= 24970 .

( 68643 / 365 )

= 24970


= 132.7

= 133 days

= 1777208 .

( 11995710 / 365 )

= 1777208


= 54.08

= 54 days

Inventory Turnover Ratio =

Cost of Goods Sold

Average Inventory

= 64651 .

( 40964 / 2 )

= 64651


= 3.16

= 63297596 .

( 19423010 / 2 )

= 63297596


= 6.52

Fixed Assets Turnover =

Net Sales .

Total Fixed Assets

= 999132


= 0.444

= 2370124 .


= 0.016

Leverage Ratio

Debt Ratio =

Net Sales .

Total Assets

= 999132


= 0.444

= 0.444 x 100

= 44.4 %

= 2370124 .


= 0.016

= 0.016 x 100

= 1.6 %

Equity Ratio =

Total Liabilities .

Stockholders’ Equity

= 1249165



= 15446858


= 0.120

Times Interest Received Ratio =

Earnings Before interest and Tax

Interest Expense

= 106497


= 17.53

= 18 times

N / A

Profitability Ratios


Gross Profit

Net Sales

= 200887


= 0.201

= 0.201 x 100

= 20.1 %

= 6900285


= 2.911

= 2.911 x 100

= 291.1 %

Return on Total Assets =

Net Income .

Average Total Assets

= 68643 .

( 2248486 / 2 )

= 68643


= 0.061

= 70197881 .

( 147201386 / 2 )

= 7019881


= 0.095

Return Common Equity =

Earning Available to Commons Stockholders

Average Stockholder Equity

= 39696


= 0.041

N /A

Market Value Ratios

Earnings per Share =

Net Income-Preferred Dividends .

Total Common Shares Outstanding

= 24970


= 0.442

N /A

Dividend Yield =

Dividend per Share

Market Price per Share

N / A

N / A


Those will be the following latest reviews of financial information of two different businesses. As what we can see above can be that WONG ENGINEERING CORPORATION BERHAD (WECB) has got better network and better cash flow compared to TIME ENGINEERING BERHAD (TEB). But both businesses will be from the same industries. Both of these corporations happen to be in the engineering field. They both sell goods regarding engineering.

By comparing these businesses we can evidently see which company is much more successful and which is not. As you can see that the amounts of WONG ENGINEERING CORPORATION BERHAD is very case analysis format high compared to TIME ENGINEERING BERHAD, but (WECB) has no profits at all. They have problems with loss. Despite the fact that (TEB) has low profits they do involve some profit at the end of your day. This makes it clear that amount isn’t enough to make a company successful; a enterprise needs skills to do so. Therefore the companies happen to be compared and contrasted.

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